Sculpting Reference: Spoon Doll Witch Kit

This sculpting reference will help you sculpt a spoon doll.  This kit includes:

  • Resin Witch Face (to use as a reference)
  • Quilt Batting for your Spoon Doll
  • A Wooden Spoon
  • Armature Wire


This 3-D Sculpting Reference will help you sculpt a witch face.  It's easiest to learn when you have an actual model to hold in your hands.  Makes sculpting much easier!

The tip of her nose is a bit flat, but you can make yours rounded just like my original. 

Each head is hand-cast from resin.

The finished witch photos are to give you an idea of what you can create using this face as a reference to sculpt with.  Doll is not included.


See free tutorial on how to sculpting this witch head here at

Watch Part One of the Hand Video Below:

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