Sculptboxes: Furry Dragon

Prefer the eCourse you can download? You can find the Furry Dragon ecourse here. This is a great option if you are outside the US and want to save on shipping.

Our newest SculptBox will teach you how to make this fabulous, furry dragon.  He is fully posable with a wire armature underneath, wrapped with cotton batting and covered with silky fur.

The instructional DVDs will show you how to sculpt a dragon face, using the inset eyes from your kit.  We'll also learn how to create dragon feet, claws, horns, tail, teeth, and more!  He also has a pair of simple, sparkly wings, also made from fabric.

This dragon art doll has some weight to him and measures 8 inches tall by 10 inches long (with the curved tail).  Arms, legs, neck, and tail are all posable.  He is pictured here with the Renaissance Maiden SculptBox doll for size comparison.

This kit contains all the main ingredients you need to make this dragon.  You are welcome to substitute your own materials and create many of all styles.

This SculptBox Kit includes:

  • ProSculpt Clay
  • Translucent Clay for Horns and Claws
  • Furry Fabric
  • Underbelly and Wing Fabric
  • Wire, Foil Tape, Foil, Sculpting Stick
  • Handmade Dragon Eyes
  • Cotton Batting
  • Paint Pots in the main colors
  • Dragon & Wing Pattern


You will need basic sculpting tools, paint brushes, and items like Liquid Sculpey or Bake and Bond come in handy.  I added the fur with hot glue, so you'll want to have that handy as well.

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