Santa Workshop 5 DVD set

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DVD Set includes online access eCourse as well.  ;)

 Our Santa making workshops in my studio are $399 for a 3 day course, so this is an incredible value, and from the comfort of your own home!

This Santa Workshop is over 9 hours long and is very similar to what you would learn in one of our in-studio workshops.  We'll go over how to sculpt a wonderful Santa face and head, as well as create lifelike and hands and realistic boots.  You'll learn sculpting and painting techniques, as well as how to assemble the doll over a wire armature.  We'll finish off his body with a sturdy wrapped body and give you some costume ideas as well. We'll show you how to finish him off with a great billowy beard and sparse hairstyle. 

People love Santas!  They make amazing gifts, and there are many artists who make a good living selling Santa dolls.  This is a great investment in your skill set.  Come and sculpt with us as you watch along with this 5 DVD set.

Welcome to the Santa Sculpting Workshop!  Santas are incredible fun to learn to sculpt! This is an online virtual workshop designed to walk you through every step of creating a lifelike Santa doll from ProSculpt polymer clay.

In this course, I will teach you:

  • How to make a sturdy armature 
  • How to sculpt a Santa head with lifelike realism
  • How to sculpt Santa hands
  • How to sculpt Santa boots
  • How to wrap and create the soft, posable body
  • How to paint lifelike eyes
  • How to assemble the Santa Doll
  • How to blush the body for realism
  • Costuming  tips and suggestions

The doll we created is in the red and gold.  The photos below are of similar dolls.


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