Santa Online Virtual Workshop

You can easily sign up here through PayPal, but for those of you who would rather pay by credit card, you can purchase the workshop here as well and then we will send you the links to join.

Once the class has ended on July 22, the price will increase to $129.

 Our Santa making workshops in my studio are $399 for a 3 day course, so this is an incredible value, and from the comfort of your own home!

Welcome to the Santa Sculpting Workshop!  Santas are incredible fun to learn to sculpt! This is an online virtual workshop designed to walk you through every step of creating a lifelike Santa doll from ProSculpt polymer clay.  If you are joining us as this course first opens (July 8, 2020), you will be able to participate by asking questions and making suggestions of what you'd like extra help with.  I'll be filming each day until the doll is done and uploading new video each day.  You are welcome to ask questions, upload your own photos, and participate in fun conversation with the other sculptors.  After the course is completed, it will be available as a finished product and you can go through all the questions and comments that assisted its creation.  This workshop will contain 8-10 hours of video footage and professional sculpting instruction, as well as many tips and tricks throughout.

In this course, I will teach you:

  • How to make a sturdy armature 
  • How to sculpt a Santa head with lifelike realism
  • How to sculpt Santa hands
  • How to sculpt Santa boots
  • How to wrap and create the soft, posable body
  • How to paint lifelike eyes
  • How to assemble the Santa Doll
  • How to blush the body for realism
  • Costuming  tips and suggestions

As this doll is not yet created at the beginning of this course, pictures of the specific doll we sculpt will be added later.  The photos below are of similar dolls.


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