Rubber-Tipped Tool

This is another tool I am using constantly.  I use it most for drawing in eyes and fine-tuning the lips.  I also use it when I'm painting eyebrows or pupils.  It comes in very handy and is one of my favorites. I have redesigned my past tool (that was angled) and I like this version much better.  It's just like "drawing" on your doll.  Perfect for sculpting eyelids or detailing eyebrows! It can also be used as a wipe-out tool when you are painting with Genesis Paints.

Each tool is put together by hand.  The rubber tip is secured within the pen-like case with a bamboo skewer and sealed with Apoxie Sculpt.  The pen case has a rubber grip area that makes it easy to hold on to, and comfortable as well.  Now in beautiful silver with lavender grip!

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