2020 ProSculpt Witch Contest Kit

This witch kit is perfect for this time of year and she will be a fun Halloween decoration for years to come!

Come and join the fun with this year's contest!  Simply purchase your witch kit, and you will are enrolled in the contest.  You can view all the entries at SculptUniversity.com.

Contest Deadline is November 7, 2020!


Winners will receive prizes as follows:

First place will receive One-Year Subscription to SculptUniversity.com and a year's supply of clay (12 bars). ($459 value!)

Second Place will receive a Two-Month Subscription to SculptUniversity.com, and 9 bars of clay. ($342 value!)

Third Place will receive a One-Month Subscription to SculptUniversity.com, and 6 bars of clay. ($219 value!)

The DVDs included in this kit will teach you to sculpt the witch head pictured here, including the detailed face, neck, and ears.  It will also teach you to texture and paint the head for some very witchy looking skin, and how to make a witch hat.

You will also learn to sculpt some amazing witchy hands as well as sculpt and paint a great pair of boots! 

The Witch ArtDoll Contest kit includes:

  • ProSculpt Clay
  • Foil
  • Foil Tape
  • Witch Hair
  • Hand Crafted Witch Eyes
  • 14" Wire Body Armature
  • Hand and Boot Armature supplies
  • Grommets for your Boots
  • Witch Hat Pattern & Instructions
  • Quilt Batting for Doll Body
  • DVD with Full Witch Head, Hat, Hands and Boots Sculpting Instructions
  • Online access to Sculpting Videos


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