Jack O'Box

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In our latest SculptBox, you will learn to sculpt this amazing Jack O'Lantern and turn him into a Jack in the Box! 

Together we'll create the box elements piece by piece, and learn to create a faux wood look.  We'll construct hinges and even sculpt a scary skull for a latch.

This is a working Jack in the Box, in that when you open the box, "Jack" springs up to surprise you. 

We'll teach you how to create the spring mechanism and paint and decorate all elements for a whimsical, carnival-type look.

The Jack O'Box SculptBox includes:

  • ProSculpt Clay
  • Ultra Light Clay
  • Spring Wire
  • Hinge Wire, Pegs, Loops, Tube
  • Paint Pots in main colors
  • Leaves and Straw
  • Fabric Elements
  • Jack O'Box Sculpting DVDs

Come and join the fun!  Feel like a more intense artdoll project?  Try the Scarecrow Man ArtDoll here.

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