Cast Resin Simple BJD Parts or Doll - Sculpting Reference

Need help with sculpting your doll?  Or just want to see what one feels like all put together?  A reference doll or doll parts can be very helpful for that!
I am making a limited number of these doll castings available to you.  You can choose from either just the pieces themselves, fresh out of the mold, and do the finish work yourself.  Or you can choose a reference doll that I'll sand and string together for you.
The eyes are blank for you to paint in later.  The pricing is as follows:
$199 Simple BJD Resin Parts - These are right out of the mold and will need to be trimmed and sanded.  You'll want to have a drill and Dremel tool handy as well to drill out the pieces that need it and dremel the joint sockets.  This is for the do-it-yourselfer.
$299 Simple BJD Resin Reference Doll - In this version, I'll get messy and do the finish work...cutting, grinding, and sanding...for you.  Your reference doll will arrive strung and her hip and shoulder joints will be lined with doe suede.
    This is the same doll featured in Simple SteamPunk BJD and the Molding and Casting DVDs.


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