Angelina Film - For Wings & Fins!

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This film is the secret to amazing iridescent wings and mermaid fins!  It is so fun to play with!

One 36" x 4" strip, available in 19 different colors. Can be made into the fins using Baby Mermaid instructions or Wings instructions.

This is enough to make several sets of large wings, or MANY sets of baby wings and mermaid fins!

Color Descriptions:

  • Butterfly Blue - Very blue with green streaks
  • Calypso Blue -Blue, but tends to look more violet
  • Citronella - Very yellow
  • Cotton Candy - Super cute bright pink (used in merbaby below)
  • Crystal Amethyst - Clear with purple tints
  • Crystal Aurora Borealis - Clear with pinks and greens
  • Crystal Green Lightning - Clear with greens
  • Crystal Mother of Pearl - Clear and pearly
  • Desert Sunset - An orangy, golden dark pink
  • Enchanted Forest - Greens with bronze tones
  • Keylime - Very Green but light and subtle
  • Lemon Gold Sparkle - A more golden yellow
  • Mint Sparkle - A lovely aqua green
  • Opal Fire - A bluer green with pink tones
  • Peacock Green - Very green with blue and bronze tones
  • Purple Flash - A very translucent purple
  • Raspberry Power - Dark pink
  • Sugar Plum - A pinkish purple
  • Watermelon Flash - Super cute coral pink


Here are some dolls I made using Angelina Film for the fins and wings:


 All dolls are already in private collection.  Photos provided to give you an idea of what can be done with these incredible iridescent films.

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