2020 Summer Mermaid Contest Kit

This year for our mermaid contest, I'd like you to make your tail as unique as possible.  I won't be giving you specific instructions for tail design, other than the basics.  Feel free to dress your tail and fin up how ever you'd like.  You can use paints, glitters, microbeads, clay canes...whatever suits your fancy.

Special attention will be given to the most creative tail fins.  Included in this kit is free access to the Side Tail Fin online eCourse so you can have more fun elements to try.

I'll give you two full months to sculpt your doll, and send your photos in.  All entries will be displayed at artdolls.com and makingfairies.com, and you are welcome to include your name and contact info on your photos.  This is your time to shine!

All entries must be received by August 20, 2020.  As we have plenty of time, this date is firm.  We are also putting together a website gallery to display all of the contest entries and winners from all of our contests over the past few years, so watch for the announcement.  Have your doll featured there as well when you join our contests and send in your photos.

Prizes will be quite simple this contest and we'll have two categories, Preliminary and Advanced, and our judges will determine your category.  You will be competing with those of similar sculpting skill.

For the Preliminary Sculpting Category, First prize will receive a $200 order of their choosing from either store or online eCourses.  Second Prize will receive a $125 order, and Third a $75 order.

For the Advanced Category, First Place will receive $300 in supplies/dvds of their choosing as well, AND a BONUS sculpted prize to be announced soon.  Second Place will receive $200 worth of supplies/dvds and Third Place $100 worth of supplies/dvds.

Prizes can be anything in any of the stores, including the online eCourses.  It's fun to send you clay, but this time I figured I'd just let you pick out what you'd like.  ;)

This mermaid kit will include:

  • ProSculpt Clay
  • Foil, Tape, Wire for Armature
  • Angelina Film, your choice of color
  • Fin Wire
  • Doll Eyes, your choice of color
  • Tibetan Lamb Hair, your choice of color
  • Basic Mermaid Instruction DVDs and online course

The mermaid technically can be any mercreature...merman, merchild and variations are fine.  Just give your doll a fun tail and fin!


IF you need to give me any special instructions, there is a space to do so when you check out.  You can write in your choice of Angelina Film as well, choose from these below:

  • Butterfly Blue
  • Citronella
  • Cotton Candy
  • Crystal Amethyst
  • Crystal Aurora Borealis
  • Crystal Green Lightning
  • Crystal Mother of Pearl
  • Desert Sunset
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Keylime
  • Lemon Gold Sparkle
  • Mint Sparkle
  • Opal Fire
  • Peacock Green
  • Purple Flash
  • Raspberry Power
  • Watermelon Flash

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