Male Fairy Kit

Male fairies are super fun to make.  I love making all of those muscles!

Come join the fun and make one of your own!

Kit Contains:

  • ProSculpt Clay
  • Handmade eyes, choice of color
  • Tibetan Lamb doll hair, choice of color
  • Wing making supplies
  • Foil
  • Wire
  • Foil Tape

Male Armature also available here.

Prefer to download or watch online?  See the eCourse here.

<=== Watch YouTube Video in video image to the left or at my YouTube Channel here.

This course includes detailed sculpting instruction for two different male heads so you get to see the face sculpting technique twice.  The green-eyed face is the one I use with the body.  I fell in love with his sexy smirk.  =)  I will show you how to make these awesome fairy ears as well!

This set includes full body instruction, a very detailed torso and muscular back, sexy legs, and incredible arms.  Will also include wings and base instruction.   This fairy is in an extended seated position on a rocky base.

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You will learn:

  • How to place inset eyes
  • How to Sculpt a Two different Male Fairy Faces (Learn two ways!)
  • How to Bring out Emotion in a Fairy Face Face
  • How to Create Lips Easily
  • How to Tweak the Face so it looks like you desire
  • How to create a detailed Fairy Ear
  • How to Blush and Paint the Face and Body
  • How to Create a Sturdy Armature 
  • How to Sculpt a Masculine and Sexy Male Fairy Body
  • Learn a ton about the anatomy in the process!
  • How to Sculpt strong hands and manly toes and feet
  • How to Pose your Doll 
  • How to Make a Custom Base, fitted perfectly to your fairy!
  • How to Blush and Paint your Doll for Realism
  • How to Give your Doll a Beautiful Head of Hair 
  • How to Style the Hair into a Sexy Pony Tail
  • How to Create a Sexy Loin Cloth
  • How to Create Beautiful, Shimmery Blue Wings (Pattern Included!)
  • How to Sculpt and Decorate a Custom Base


The Male Fairy Collection 

Includes 5 hours of professional, detailed sculpting instruction. It's about as close as sitting in the same room with me as you can get. I take you through every aspect of the sculpting process in great detail.  


See Male Armature here.


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