SculptBoxes: Witch Bust

This Witch Bust is a great project you can complete in just a day or two.  The DVD included in this kit will teach you to sculpt the witch head pictured here, including the detailed face, neck, and ears.  It will also teach you to texture and paint the head for some very witchy looking skin, and how to make a witch hat. I will also give you display ideas, as this head can be added to a doll, to a finial, or to a bottle or cone you can then put a dress over. 

If you prefer to sculpt a full witch doll, use this Witch ArtDoll Kit.

The Witch Bust Contest kit includes:

  • ProSculpt Clay
  • Foil
  • Witch Hair
  • Hand Crafted Witch Eyes
  • Felt and Witch Hat Pattern
  • Various Fabric Elements
  • DVD with Full Witch Head & Hat Sculpting Instructions

*Please Note: Wood Finial, Candlestick, or Cone is not included.  These parts are found at most craft or hardware stores or often in thrift stores.

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