Download Online Courses (e-Courses)

All of our courses are also available for download.  Simply click on the desired course for details and download instructions. Watch video on eCourses here.

Wondering where to start?  Sign up for the free eCourse above by clicking on the banner.  OOAK Sculpting Essentials will teach you about the process of sculpting one of a kind dolls!

You can watch these eCourses online or download the files to your computer.  Select your course and you'll be taken to the course enrollment page.  After making payment, you'll be able to access your materials immediately!  These e-Courses below are very detailed videos that will teach you how to sculpt each project shown.  They are the closest thing to taking a workshop with me!  You can download the video files and have access to them anytime you want! Happy Sculpting!

Beautiful Lady ArtDoll Workshop

Sculpting Hands and Feet with Jack Johnston

Sculpting Basics Course

Phoenix Art Doll

Molding and Casting a Simple BJD (silicone & resin)

Molding and Casting an Advanced BJD

Molding and Casting a Swaddle Fairy

Sculpting a Faun Fantasy Doll

Making Costumes with Jack Johnston

Valentine Clown

SnowBall Fairy

Cotton Candy Ballerina

Whimsical Witches

Bunny Baby

Woodland Gnome

Swaddle Fairy Baby


Sculpting a Sugar Plum Fairy

Simple SteamPunk BJD

Tiny Elfin Dolls


Sculpting Santa Claus (Jack Johnston)

Sculptor's Dream Set

Master's Collection: Sculptor's Dream Set

female fairy

Sculpting a Female Fairy

Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll

Fairy Faces

Fairy Faces & Making "Glass" Eyes

Sculpt a Baby Mermaid

Sculpting a Baby Mermaid

mini baby

Sculpt a Miniature Baby

male fairy

Sculpting the Male Fairy Video Set 


Sculpting a Sexy Merman


young fairy

Sculpting a Young Fairy


Making Wings Video

Wings Bundle: Basic & Advanced PDFs plus Video

Snuggle Babes


(Great Beginner Project)

Tails n Torsos

Tails & Torsos


Sculpting the Male Fairy

Sculpting the Male Fairy


Sculpting a Santa Head


Simply Beautiful Eyes & Face

Sculpt the Male Head

Sculpting the Male Head


Fairy Faces 2

Fairy Faces 2

Tummy Pose Sculpting Guide PDF Booklet

Tummy Pose Sculpting Guide PDF Booklet

Hand Video

Advanced Mermaid: Side Fins

Hand Video


Sculpting Hands, Feet, & Painting the Face

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Master's Collection: Sculptor's Dream and Male Sculpture

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mini baby

Sculpt a Miniature Baby

male fairy

Sculpting the Male Fairy Video Set 


Hand Video

Sculpting a Posable Mini Baby