About Us


My name is Apryl Jensen and I've lived in the Rocky Mountain area of Utah most of my life. I am very family oriented and have a wonderfully supportive husband and sweet, young Apryl Jensenchildren. It's made my life even richer to have artwork become such an important part of our lives.

My dolls can be seen at Aprylian.com and I also run the online repository for sculpting knowledge, SculptUniversity.com.  Additionally, I love to help people feel inspired about all aspects of life, and I do this through my online newsletter at CreatingConsciously.com.

In college I studied the humanities and human development, which greatly interested me. I've always loved looking through art books of sculpture and paintings. But up until a few years ago, the most I'd sculpted was faces in the sand at the beach. I drew a bit in high school, but I was much more mathematically minded and didn't realize there was an artist inside of me. One day my sister-in-law showed me some things her children had made from Sculpey III and I was intrigued.

I started out making pens and jewelry and barrettes, and then decided to try my hand at sculpting, and to my delight, it came quite naturally. I fell in love with it! To create a little face staring back at you is a magical process. I was thrilled to discover a hidden talent in myself as well.

In the past few years I've voraciously consumed anatomy books, sculpting videos, tutorials--anything I could find to teach myself more about sculpting. I've also found being part of the dollmaking community an incredible resource and great opportunity to create friendships with wonderfully talented, like-minded people.

My main sculpting medium has been polymer clay, though I occasionally work with Apoxy Sculpt and air-dry clays. I love sculpting fantasy figures, and I like to keep my characters very life like, making the fantasy as close to reality as I can convey. I love the human body and its many beautiful nuances.

I plan to continue sculpting as it brings a bit of magic to each day, and it's a great art to share with my children. I don't know where my artwork will take me--it caught me by surprise, and will likely continue to do so.

A special thank you to my patrons. You make it possible for me to continue to develop my artwork and earn an income in the process. I love my sculptures and it's rewarding to share my work with those who love it, too! Thank you for the kind sentiments you send my way.

And now, after 8 years of sculpting and selling my work on eBay, I've found what I love most is teaching people how to make these amazing dolls!  Hence, MakingFairies.com was created to help you be the sculptor you'd like to be!  Our business is family-oriented, as my husband and teenage sons help with the websites and shipping orders. Thank you for your interest and support!