2019 ProSculpt Fairy Contest: Ellie Doster

Our Second Place Winner is Ellie Doster.  She will receive 6 bars of ProSculpt  and a free DVD selection of her choice (can be multi-set DVDs as well!). She also wrote up the cutest story that goes along with this work of art.  I am including it here for all to see as well.


Life had brought about many changes for Sereia. She was at that "awkward stage." Sereia was named for the sea and loved it very much. She had spent hours everyday playing there with her Mom. 

Now, she has a new home, there are strange kids she doesn't know, and a whole new life! She was unhappy when she found out she needed glasses too, until her mother told her the story of "the rose colored glasses," and how they could help her see her "new world" differently. She told her that although some might see the glasses as "magic,"   the magic was all within her, as part of her imagination, and that whenever she put on her rose colored glasses, she could imagine herself to be able to do anything, be "anyone" and be anywhere she wished, even the sea!  She immediately chose her own rose colored glasses! 

So, Sereia was far away from her little beach house and the only water was in a fountain at the entrance to the apartment complex. Undeterred, she put on her favorite playsuit and her rose colored glasses, and imagined herself flying with her butterfly wings and fantasy fish, all above the strange fountain. Life was good and she smiled a big grin!