Molding Making & Casting Your Ball-Jointed Doll DVD

It's incredibly rewarding to sculpt your own BJD.  It's even more fun to take it one step further and reproduce your doll in resin through the use of silicone molds.
Mold making is much different than sculpting, but invaluable for every sculptor to know.  Every BJD artist dreams of sculpting his or her own doll.  And the next dream is usually casting it, so many dolls can be created from the one you worked so meticulously to sculpt. 
This DVD will teach you everything you need to know to make molds for and cast your own ball-jointed doll.  This set consist of one DVD and another hour of additional material online, as well as full access to the online version of this class.
In this DVD set, you will learn:
  • How to prepare your doll for the molding process
  • Fine-tuning and inspecting your joints for molding
  • How to select your mold making materials
  • How to create a two-part silicone mold
  • How to use keys and channels for clean castings
  • How to select your resin casting materials
  • How to cast your ball-jointed doll in resin
  • How to use optional advanced tools such as a pressure pot and vacuum chamber
  • How to refine and prepare each piece for assembly
  • How to string and assemble your resin ball-jointed doll
 These videos show the casting method using a Simple BJD.

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Type: DVD

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