Simply Beautiful Eyes and Face DVD

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Simply Beautiful Eyes & Face

New  Video Collection (Fairy Faces 3)

Learn to Make Simply Beautiful--and Beautifully Simple--"Glass"-like eyes and Sculpt a Fairy Face with these high-quality HD videos!

  I'll show you how to make these amazing eyes in just a few steps. They are simple, easy, and perfectly round...every time! I'll also show you how to place these eyes and show you how to sculpt this darling fairy face as well! This video set contains 2 hours of professional instruction, packed with details and information!

Preview Video shows you how to paint the face we sculpt in this video set!


Dear Sculpting Friend,



Do you love the look of glass-like eyes?  The perfectly round iris?  The perfect pupil? I do!  But I noticed when it came time to work on a new doll, I'd see I needed more eyes, and then my sculpting flow would get sluggish.  Making eyes was still kind of tricky.  I loved the effect of my methods, but I didn't like that it would take making 10-12 eyes just to get 2 that looked right.  I'd find an air bubble, or the iris was fuzzy around the edges, or the pupil was off somehow.  It took many tries to find the two that worked.

So, I was thinking, there has GOT to be a way to make beautiful eyes...that takes less precise detail and amazing painting skills.  How can I make it EASY?  

Well, the muses delivered BIG TIME!  I adore this new method of making eyes.  In fact, now I LOOK FORWARD to making them.  I've taken the tricky parts out, and now it's just fun and creativity!

If you've been at all struggling with eyes, I highly recommend this new video set.  Who needs to stress over eyes?  Spend that time sculpting your dream fairy instead!  

And to make the set even more packed with value, I decided to add a 43 min segment of sculpting a face using the eyes I make in the video.  I spent a lot of time giving detail about lips and expression, as I get a lot of questions about these two topics.  Enjoy!


  You will learn: 

  • How to Make "Glass"- like eyes that are easy and turn out right
  • How to get a perfectly round iris and perfectly round pupil the easy way!
  • How to choose which options will make the eyes you prefer
  • See several different methods of creating eyes
  • How just a few ingredients will give you hundreds of options
  • Learn the exact recipes I used to create all the eyes on this video
  • How to place inset eyes
  • How to Sculpt a Beautiful Fairy Face
  • How to Bring out Emotion in a Fairy Face Face
  • How to Create Lips Easily
  • How to Tweak the Face so it looks like you desire
  • How to create a Basic Fairy Ear

 Watch me paint the face I teach you to sculpt in this video set (Painting video not included on DVD but is available on YouTube)



The Simply Beautiful Eyes & Face (Fairy Faces 3) Collection 

Includes 78 minutes of detailed, in-depth eye instruction and 43 minutes of Fairy Face Instruction in HD video. The eye methods are so easy, you will look forward to eye making and know how to create the look you want. DVDs include Fairy Face sculpting instructions.  Watch how to paint this same face on YouTube, channel "aprylian".


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