2019 ProSculpt Fairy Contest (with DVDs)

The weather is warming and it's time to get sculpting in another ProSculpt Fairy Contest!

Deadline is May 31, 2019

 In this contest, you will have access to my Sculpting a Female Fairy video, and these will show you how to sculpt a very intricate adult female body.  Each of our contests have demanded a bit more from you and your skill level.  Here's a chance to learn to refine the skills you've already developed.  I'm so thrilled with the progress you are all making!  The best part of any contest is seeing the photos when they come in!

I want to give something extra special to our winners this year.  In addition to a year's supply of clay (12 bars), each first place winner will receive a 3 day Private Sculpting Workshop with me and the other winner.  We will sit together and sculpt to your heart's content and I'll share all my tips and tricks with you. These private workshops are normally $1500.  If Jack Johnston is available, we'll spend an afternoon having lunch and talking with him as well. He's always happy to meet new sculptors.

In this contest, your doll will be evaluated according to the pose and gesture, the sculpting skill and attention to anatomy, as well as the overall effect and feel of the piece.  The only requirement is that it must be a fairy and must have wings.

We have decided to sort the entries ourselves into Preliminary and Advanced Categories.  Even if it's your first doll, if you are an amazing sculptor, you will be in the advanced category...and please know what a compliment that is!

There will be prizes for the second and third place winners in each category.  Second place will receive 6 bars of clay and 3 DVD choices.  Third place will receive 3 bars of clay and 1 DVD of their choice.


Your kit will include:

ProSculpt Clay

Brass Tubes for Stand

Foil, Wire, Foil Tape for an armature

Angelina Film for Wings

Wing Wire


Hand-Made Luminous Eyes, your choice of color

Tibetan Lamb Hair, your choice of color

You can decide how clothed you prefer you fairy.  I love to see the anatomy so show off your skills!

You will learn:

  • How to place inset eyes
  • How to Sculpt a Beautiful Fairy Face
  • How to Bring out Emotion in a Fairy Face Face
  • How to Create Lips Easily
  • How to Tweak the Face so it looks like you desire
  • How to create a Basic Fairy Ear
  • How to Blush and Paint the Face
  • How to Create a Sturdy Armature that's the perfect size
  • How to Sculpt a Curvy Adult Fairy Body
  • How to Sculpt Perfect Breasts and a Firm Bottom
  • How to Sculpt delicate hands and tiny toes and feet
  • How to Pose your Doll to Interact with her Body
  • How to Make a Standing Doll with an Invisible Rod Stand
  • How to Blush and Paint your Doll for Realism
  • How to Give your Doll a Beautiful Head of Hair
  • How to Style the Hair
  • How to Create a Simple Skirt and Jewelry
  • How to Create Beautiful, Iridescent Wings (Pattern Included!)
  • How to Sculpt and Decorate a Custom Base


The Sculpt a Female Fairy Collection 

Includes 6 hours of professional, detailed sculpting instruction. It's about as close as sitting in the same room with me as you can get. I take you through every aspect of the sculpting process in great detail.

This collection is a set of 3 DVDs.

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