Swarovski Fairy Crystals

I just love adding a bit of elegant sparkle to my fairies.  They are so pretty and these crystals really sparkle!

They can be easily applied with FabriTac or about any glue. The back is flat.  See photos for approximate size.  Just over 1/16th inch.

They are sold in sets of 10, so you can use them for many dolls.  This tiny size can be tricky to find, so be sure to get as many as you think you need.

1 pack of 10 Swarovski Crystals

Here's a tip:

Sometimes something so small is tricky to pick up.  What I do is use a bit of Chapstick (lip balm) on a toothpick, and then pick up the crystal (crystal side up) and then set it into the drop of glue on my doll or costume.

Doll photos are provided for examples of how you can use them on your own doll. Look how elegant just a single crystal can be.  You can even add silver thread to make it look like a necklace!

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