Simple BJD Kit

We will be using my basic simple BJD videos as the guide for this contest, but I am reworking how I do the joints, so you will have access to more video content in the online class for this contest.

Come and join us and make a Ball Jointed Doll.  This version is simplified and good for all levels.

This doll is very simple to construct, as we work with one piece at a time.  It will teach you the basics of BJD construction, and her joints will be simple, rather than advanced (like my BJD workshop).  She will have a child-like body so she is simple to sculpt and we can focus more on the articulation (moving points) of the doll.  The dressed figure in the pics is just an example.  

This kit includes:

    • 16 oz ProSculpt Clay
    • Mohair, your choice of color and kind (Roving, Tibetan, etc.)
    • Glass or Handmade Flatback Eyes, depending on availability, your choice of color.  We've been crafting our own eyes as our supplier has had trouble staying in stock.
    • Beads for making joints
    • Tubes for sculpting her limbs
      • Online access to the Simple BJD Videos.
    • DVD version of these same videos

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