ProSculpt 1 lb Bar - Scratch and Dent

We recently re-stocked our shelves with ProSculpt. Occasionally when we move the clay around with the fork-lift we drop a few cases of clay and they get scratched and dented. When that happens we let our customers benefit by purchasing clay at a discounted price. 
In some instances the wrapping is slightly dented or scratched, but the ProSculpt is perfect.  It works exactly the same as a perfect bar, but it is marked down because the wrapper isn't perfect.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to have some of the clay, so we ask that you limit your purchase from 3 to 24 bars.  You can purchase just one bar, but it costs the same to ship 3 bars as it does to ship 1 bar (a better savings for you).   This discount is available only as supplies last.

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