2019 ProSculpt Fairy Past Contest Kit (with DVDs)

Regularly $74.99

Our contest has ended, but you can still get a kit and sculpt along!


Your kit will include:

ProSculpt Clay

Brass Tubes for Stand

Foil, Wire, Foil Tape for an armature

Angelina Film for Wings

Wing Wire


Hand-Made Luminous Eyes, your choice of color

Tibetan Lamb Hair, your choice of color

You can decide how clothed you prefer you fairy.  I love to see the anatomy so show off your skills!

You will learn:

  • How to place inset eyes
  • How to Sculpt a Beautiful Fairy Face
  • How to Bring out Emotion in a Fairy Face Face
  • How to Create Lips Easily
  • How to Tweak the Face so it looks like you desire
  • How to create a Basic Fairy Ear
  • How to Blush and Paint the Face
  • How to Create a Sturdy Armature that's the perfect size
  • How to Sculpt a Curvy Adult Fairy Body
  • How to Sculpt Perfect Breasts and a Firm Bottom
  • How to Sculpt delicate hands and tiny toes and feet
  • How to Pose your Doll to Interact with her Body
  • How to Make a Standing Doll with an Invisible Rod Stand
  • How to Blush and Paint your Doll for Realism
  • How to Give your Doll a Beautiful Head of Hair
  • How to Style the Hair
  • How to Create a Simple Skirt and Jewelry
  • How to Create Beautiful, Iridescent Wings (Pattern Included!)
  • How to Sculpt and Decorate a Custom Base


The Sculpt a Female Fairy Collection 

Includes 6 hours of professional, detailed sculpting instruction. It's about as close as sitting in the same room with me as you can get. I take you through every aspect of the sculpting process in great detail.

This collection is a set of 3 DVDs.

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