Witchy Women Workshop Update

Watch the update video below and see how the new witch face is coming along, see the witch's boots, Malificent's hand and more...

Get ready for the ProSculpt Witch Contest! There are two ways to enter.  If you need witchy supplies, you can enter with our Witch ArtDoll Kit here.  This will also give you access to the online Witchy Women Workshop.  If you just need the Workshop and not supplies, you can sign up for the Workshop here.  Either way, you will be entered into the contest.  

Join us throughout September as we create our Witches.  There will be several witch styles taught in the Witchy Women Workshop.  Then by October 28, 2021, send in your photos or post them in the online course.  The entries will be judged by a few fellow artists and all photos will be displayed at SculptUniversity.com.



Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen