Witch Contest Winners and Entries 2017

For this contest, there are 3 winners, first, second, and third place. First place wins 6 bars of ProSculpt and a doll kit with head and body armatures, hand and feet armatures, and a body stocking, and free tuition to any Apryl Jensen workshop through December 2018. They will also win a free year's membership to SculptUniversity.com.

Second place wins 6 bars of clay plus a set of head, hand and feet armatures. They will also win a 6-month membership to SculptUniversity.com.

Third place wins 3 bar of clay plus two head armatures, one large, one medium.
They will also receive a 3-month membership to SculptUniversity.com.


Thank you so much for participating!  You all made such wonderful dolls...it's was hard for us to decide!  Great work everyone!


First Place Winner: Sherrie Nielson


Second Place Winner: Maryanne Lattin

Third Place Winner: Marcella Cameron

Teresa Jones:

Adrienne Durrett:

Alison Firth

Missy Munrow:

Gonzalba Cuevas:


Sarah Bardon:

Windy McCullar:

Kimlieu Nguyen:

Cora Staley:

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen