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VLOG: My Top 5 (ish) Favorite Sculpting Tools

Here's a quick little run down of some of my favorite sculpting tools.  Which are you favorites?

You can see how I use them in the Sculpting a Male Head video set. 

Many of these tools are now available in the Shop here at MakingFairies.

Tips on Sanding your One of a Kind Art Doll

Here's a short little video where I tell you all about my sanding process.  I like my dolls to be SUPER SMOOTH, so I spend some time sanding each one, and I just love the results!

How to Safely Pack your OOAK Fairy Sculpt

In the Art Room:  Here's a tried and true way to keep your sculpt safe and sound as she travels to her new owner.  It takes some time to put together, but very worth the assurance that your doll will arrive safely!


Make an easy necklace and barrette!

In the Art Room: Here I'll show you how to make a very simple, yet way cute, necklace and barrette to adorn your OOAK Fairy.


Making a Simple Skirt for your OOAK Fairy - VIDEO

Here's another In the Art Room video where I'll show you how to make a simple skirt for your fairy out of some stretchy, suede-like looking material.


Hand Tips for OOAK fairies and dolls - VIDEO

Here's an In the Art Room video with some tips on sculpting hands for you! This video is just a few minutes long, but gives you some great tips!


My Favorite After-Sanding Secret!

In the Art Room: In this video, I'll share with you my favorite after-sanding secret!

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