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September 14, 2015

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Sculpt a Miniature Baby Head and Ears

Just found this great video from SugarCharmShop.  She usually just does polymer clay foods (which look amazing!) but I saw the baby video and just had to share!  I tend to give my babies more angelic faces, but this looks wonderful too.  You can see full details on sculpting a baby face in Sculpting a Miniature Baby, Sculpting a Baby Mermaid, and SnuggleBabes. This video shows a great way to make an armature and plan out your doll as well!

You can find these tools in the shop.  They are very similar to what she uses in the video.

October 20, 2014

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Snuggle Babes: Armature

Making a Head Armature for your Snuggle Babe

Here's how I make my head armatures for my Snuggle Babes.


Full Snuggle Babe Tutorial on DVD or

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Would you like to give your Snuggle Babe some Candy Cane style?  See the free tutorial here: Candy Cane SnuggleBabe


Painting a Baby Mermaid - Tips and Tricks Video

Our little mermaid from the Baby Mermaid Sculpt-A-Long is almost finished.  I shot some video as I was painting her so I could teach you how.  Watch below.  The complete Merbaby is taught in Sculpting a Baby Mermaid.

Sculpt a Baby Face - Go from scary to adorable in just 15 minutes!

If you've tried sculpting a baby face and have found it kind of tricky...you might have stopped just before it got really good!  Look at this face below and watch as I take it from SCARY to just precious in just a few steps.  The Smoothing Gel I am using can be found here.