Sculpting Life Hack: Turn Light ProSculpt into Baby can be done!  After much mixing and experimenting in my laboratory (aka my kitchen), we've cracked the code.  To turn Light ProSculpt into the darker, pinker Baby shade, simply use the following recipe.

1 oz ProSculpt Light

1 marble sized ball of ProSculpt Ethnic

1 BB size ball of red...about 4 mm


And that's it.

For a whole block, that would be 16 times everything by 16.  Here's a picture showing the amounts:

In the blocks on the lower left, that is one block of my special recipe, on top of a block of Baby ProSculpt.  Notice how the color is the same!  ;)

Need Caucasian or Flesh colored ProSculpt?  Just double the amount of tints.  Play around with it a bit to get the shade you love.  I like to bake my sample pieces too, to make sure I love the color baked as well.  It's easy to do, and nice to know, you will always have the color you need.

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen