Happy New Year Gift for you!

Our downloadable classes are a great way to access the sculpting instruction you desire!  And on this first day of the new year, we have a free eCourse for you so you can give it a try.  The DVD version of this Sculpting a Posable Mini Baby video set normally sells for $29.92!  It's free for you today online here.  Be sure to check out the other downloadable classes we have on sale for the new year!  Here's a preview video of the posable baby!  See our $21 SculptBoxes and DVDs here.  One day only!

Santa Art Doll Workshop just $59.99

Fairy Sculpting Workshop just $59.99

Sculpting a Beautiful Lady ArtDoll Workshop just $59.99

Scarecrow Man ArtDoll just $49.99

Witch ArtDoll Workshop just $39.99

Whimsical Witches just $29.99

Phoenix Art Doll Workshop just $39.99

Sculpting a Santa Head just $14.99

Making Santa Claus ArtDolls just $9.99

Simple BJD just $19.99

Pumpkin Pots just $14.99

All SculptBoxes Videos just $19.99

SculptBoxes: Jack O'Box

SculptBoxes: Victorian BJD

SculptBoxes: Baby Fairy

SculptBoxes: Christmas Elf

SculptBoxes: Renaissance Maiden

SculptBoxes: Ice Princess

SculptBoxes: Mermaid Princess ArtDoll

SculptBoxes: Swaddled Fairy

SculptBoxes: Posable MiniBabies

SculptBoxes: Witch Bust

SculptBoxes: Bunny Baby

SculptBoxes: Cotton Candy Ballerina

SculptBoxes: SnowBall Fairy

SculptBoxes: Heart Clown Videos

SculptBoxes: Woodland Gnome

SculptBoxes: Flower Pixies

Sculpting the Male Head just $14.99

Sculpting the Male Fairy just $32.50

Sculpting a Female Fairy just $29.99

Sculpting a Young Fairy just $24.44

Sculpting a Sugar Plum Fairy just $22.50

Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll just $32.50

Molding and Casting a Simple Ball-Jointed Doll just $24.99

Advanced BJD Molding and Casting in Resin just $49.99

Swaddle Fairy Baby: Mold-Making & Resin Castings just $19.99

Sculpting the Male Fairy PDF Booklet Set with Hand Tips Video just $12.50

Sculpting a Faun Fantasy Doll just $29.99

Jack Johnston Videos and eBooks:

ArtDolls: Basic Sculpting and Beyond just $9.99

The Art of Making and Marketing ArtDolls just $9.99

The Advanced Art of Making and Marketing ArtDolls just $9.99

ArtDolls: Sculpting Feet and Shoes just $9.99

ArtDolls: Sculpting the Hand just $14.99

Art Doll Costumes just $9.99

Summer Mermaid just $19.99

Tails & Torsos just $14.50

Sculpting a Sexy Merman just $19.99

Sculpting a Baby Mermaid just $20.00

Sculpting a Minature Baby just $19.99

SnuggleBabes just $9.99

Sculpting a Fairy Face (Fairy Faces 1) just $14.50

Simply Beautiful Eyes and Face just $14.99

Fairy Faces 2 just $13.50

Sculpting Hands & Feet, Painting the Face just $14.99

Posable Mini Baby just $14.50

Making Fairy Wings just $12.50






Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen