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That is how Lisa Lichtenfels work is described! A masterpiece in cloth that

encompasses hyperrealism and magic! She has the capacity to portray people in

all walks of life in ordinary moments with the same magic as her faeries and

angels. Her dedication and devotion to her art over the years has inspired and

touched so many souls. She has a way of crossing hyperrealism with surrealism

and fantasy at the same time. Her cloth sculptures are so realistic that they are

often mistaken for human figures. I'll never forget the first time I saw her work,

she was on the cover of a well known magazine and it was back in the late 80's

early 90's. She had made a nude fairy. It was stunning yet many of the older doll

makers were disgusted how could they put something like that on the cover! I

thought it was amazing and obviously so did many other artists, collectors and

fans. Lisa started working for Disney Studios in 1980 where she developed 3-D

movable nylon figures that animators used as reference. They ranged from less

than 5 inches to life size figures over 5 feet tall. She was creating and became

fascinated by it. She was in love and at that same time she also met the love of

her life Ward Wilson. The couple moved to Springfield in the early 80's and had

family ties in the city and once there they never looked back. They have lived in

an older Victorian home for many years a home full of many memories. After

recently losing her husband she could not bear to lose her home. The wall are

covered with photographs, newspaper clippings of reviews of his shows . There

are poetry journals and odds and ends he loved to collect along with her

sculptures and tools . Her hopes were to teach in her home a younger

generation of artists to keep this amazing art form alive. Unfortunately just a

few months after her husband past Lisa was diagnosed with a rare form of an

aggressive breast cancer and she is fighting for her life. Since her diagnosis,

Lichtenfels has developed an easier lesson plan in the hopes that at least a few

students will stick with it. "If I can stay around long enough to pass what I know

on to someone so that what I do will live on, then I will be ready to go and be

with my love. I'll be ready then," she said.

IF this is not tragic enough her Victorian home has also given up and the roof

has been so damaged that an actual tarp over the then said roof is what is

keeping out the natural winds rain and cold from Lisa's home. A go Fund me

page has been set up for Lisa and I am in the hopes that this article will bring

her the help she so sorely needs. As many of our Americans these days the

medical bills are overwhelming and her strength is waning .

I implore you to please give from your heart for this amazing woman and artist.

I am including the link for the go fund me page along with photos of her works

and anything that you can do is appreciated. IF you live in Springfield get your

community together and make sure that she has at the very least a roof over

her head.

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen