Fairy Face Tips & Using Koolaid to Dye Hair

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Fairy Face Tips

Using Kool-Aid to Dye Doll Hair

Some thoughts on sculpting....
I've been thinking about some of the best ways to improve sculpting skills and I'd have to say it's watching others sculpt and getting your hands in the clay.
When you watch others, you get an idea of the process and how it is done. It builds confidence to watch a piece come together. To see that they often look a bit alien or wonky at first...you just aren't finished yet (unless you are going for an alien.) You can see that there is a process that can be followed step by step, and even if you haven't sculpted before...it can be learned. I am living proof. I'll have to find some pictures of my early dolls and let you see my humble beginnings as well.
That is why I love to teach sculpting so much as well. I didn't know I could do this. And it's been so fun to discover and explore. I encourage you to keep going. If you love making dolls, or aspire to be a doll maker, get the proper teaching you need, and practice.
That takes us to the second point. Find time to sculpt each day if you can. If not daily then at least a few times a week. There can be many steps in creating a doll. But you can break it apart into just a little bit each day. Then as the days go by, a doll starts to take shape and come together before your eyes! It's truly an amazing process.
Anything you can make a daily habit can become powerful. If you don't feel like your hands in the clay today, then watch a video and learn a bit more instead. Most artists have put in hundreds and thousands of hours to perfect our art. But it happens day by day, and usually just because we want to be sculpting. It's enjoyable. And as time goes by, skill increases and the process becomes even more enjoyable as your pieces look more and more like you intended them to.
We have two collection sets that are a great way to expand your skills. Jack Johnston put together an amazing collection on sculpting artdolls you can see here.
Jack Johnston's Master Collection
Complete DVD collection
If Babies and Fantasy are more your style, the best way to get started is with the Sculptor's Dream Collection. In both of these collections, you can get the DVDs at a fraction of their regular cost.
Happy Sculpting!
Newest SculptBox: Mermaid Princess ArtDoll is now available. You can find all of the SculptBoxes here.
SculptBoxes are an amazing value with a DVD or 2 or great instruction, plus all the clay and supplies you need to put the doll together. The projects are simple and usually can be completed in a few days, or you can go as slow as you like. They are a fun way to keep your sculpting skills fresh.


Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen