eCourses Master List

Downloadable eCourses are a great way to get professional sculpting instruction.  You can access the courses online, as well as download the files to save to your own computer.

Would you like to see what eCourses we have available?  Here is a full list below.

Many of our DVDs have an eCourse option as well, right in the DVD listing.

Santa Art Doll Workshop 

Fairy Sculpting Workshop 

Sculpting a Beautiful Lady ArtDoll Workshop 

Scarecrow Man ArtDoll 

Witch ArtDoll Workshop 

Whimsical Witches 

Phoenix Art Doll Workshop 

Sculpting a Santa Head

Making Santa Claus ArtDolls 

Simple BJD

Pumpkin Pots 

SculptBoxes: Jack O'Box

SculptBoxes: Victorian BJD

SculptBoxes: Baby Fairy

SculptBoxes: Christmas Elf

SculptBoxes: Renaissance Maiden

SculptBoxes: Ice Princess

SculptBoxes: Mermaid Princess ArtDoll

SculptBoxes: Swaddled Fairy

SculptBoxes: Posable MiniBabies

SculptBoxes: Witch Bust

SculptBoxes: Bunny Baby

SculptBoxes: Cotton Candy Ballerina

SculptBoxes: SnowBall Fairy

SculptBoxes: Heart Clown Videos

SculptBoxes: Woodland Gnome

SculptBoxes: Flower Pixies

Sculpting the Male Head 

Sculpting the Male Fairy 

Sculpting a Female Fairy 

Sculpting a Young Fairy 

Sculpting a Sugar Plum Fairy 

Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll 

Molding and Casting a Simple Ball-Jointed Doll 

Advanced BJD Molding and Casting in Resin 

Swaddle Fairy Baby: Mold-Making & Resin Castings 

Sculpting the Male Fairy PDF Booklet Set with Hand Tips Video

Sculpting a Faun Fantasy Doll 

Jack Johnston Videos and eBooks:

ArtDolls: Basic Sculpting and Beyond 

The Art of Making and Marketing ArtDolls 

The Advanced Art of Making and Marketing ArtDolls 

ArtDolls: Sculpting Feet and Shoes 

ArtDolls: Sculpting the Hand 

Art Doll Costumes 

Summer Mermaid 

Tails & Torsos 

Sculpting a Sexy Merman 

Sculpting a Baby Mermaid 

Sculpting a Minature Baby 


Sculpting a Fairy Face (Fairy Faces 1) 

Simply Beautiful Eyes and Face 

Fairy Faces 2 

Sculpting Hands & Feet, Painting the Face 

Posable Mini Baby 

Making Fairy Wings 

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen