Can you be financially successful in the art? Answering questions...

I just gave this reply to an artist who has recently found makingfairies and the youtube channel.  I'd like to share my thoughts on this with all of you.  Here's what I shared with her:

Nice to meet you!  I'm glad you found the websites and YouTube channel.  I fell in love with these dolls a while back, and it makes me very happy to teach others to create the same.

First of all, you are always welcome to ask me anything.  I believe in a universe of abundance.  I'd rather share everything and see those who have learned from me soar, and go father than I have.  I'm an open book.  A bit slow at responding at times though...I get really busy with all the kids and the businesses and demands on my time, as well as recovering from some health issues and few crazy divorce years.  But feel free to ask, I'm happy to help.

Let's's hard to answer your questions because it really depends what someone is bringing to the table as far as talent and determination.  And as far as expectations.  But I feel that if you are really drawn to these dolls, go for it!  I have created this entire career just by following my heart.  And it's been a prickly path at times, for sure.  But it just feels good when you are on track...doing what feels right to you.  So to me, if it takes me a while to recover and rebuild...that's okay, I enjoy it.  I enjoy doing it slowly too.  I enjoy sharing this with others.  It may take a while and certainly a lot of dedication to create the career you want...but...might as well go for what you really want anyway, right?  Otherwise it's a lot of effort towards something that isn't very inspiring.

You sound like you have a lot of interest and enthusiasm anyway...enough that I'd say, keep going.  The fast track is definitely to take a workshop in person.  It just depends what resources you have available.  After that...make use of the dvds.  The aprylian channel shares a lot, but the dvds are well worth all the intricate instruction they include.

Decide this is what you want to do.  It doesn't matter what others think or what they want for you.  That won't ever be truly satisfying anyway.  It matters that you do what YOU want to.  And you can be smart about it.  Make sure you have your needs met and grow this on the side if you can.  It's not fun to create art under financial stress.  But definitely, if you can take advantage of social media and connect with those who want what you have...that's really all there is to it. Provided you have the skill and talent.  And that can take time and dedication.

Can you be successful?  Certainly.  If you are willing to pay the price.  But it's not an unpleasant journey.  The more you are dedicated to your dreams and just let if'll be surprised how quickly you can learn and improve.


Hope that helps, and thanks for your support!

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen