A Peek Inside the Fairy Workshop Virtual Environment...

Here's a peek inside the course environment for the Virtual Fairy Workshop going on now:

Announcing two new virtual workshops! Watch the video below for more details. Learn more about each workshop by following the links. Our studio workshops are $399-599. These online classes will give you 8-14 hours of professional video instruction, customized to your needs as we go through the course. Once you join the course, the videos are yours to keep and download, so while the teaching and adding more videos only lasts through the 2 weeks of the course, the materials will always be available to you so you can go at your own pace.

These courses are only $99 each, and if you register on or before July 1, you can save an extra $20 off the course price!

Join the Fairy Sculpting Virtual Workshop here

Join the Santa Sculpting Virtual Workshop here

Find all the SculptBoxes and kits here


Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen