A Message for you and about the New ADV Resin Casting Video Workshop

Join us for the new Online Workshop!

Join us as we go through the process of casting this Advanced Ball-Jointed Doll in Resin!  This is an online workshop that will being April 5th.  We are now taking registrations here at the early bird price of $79.  Regularly priced at $99.

You will learn how to create the more complicated molds for this doll with tiny fingers and special features.  We will also go over the process of casting and finishing the resin pieces so you can learn from start to finish how to turn an advanced, one of a kind ball jointed doll into resin replicas.  

This course will be an Online Workshop.  You can ask question and over the course of 2-3 weeks as all the materials are being uploaded, you can guide the course with your questions and feedback. I'll be stopping by each day to answer any questions.  You can post photos of your own progress as well.  After the first few weeks as we are shooting and uploading video, the course will be complete and you will continue to have access to all the information and videos we have uploaded.

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen