2019 ProSculpt Fairy Contest: Winners Announced!

We are happy to announce the winners of this year's ProSculpt Fairy Contest!  We had some amazing entries and these are our favorites!  We have a new contest that is getting underway...be sure to read all the way down to find out how to enter!

For first place, we have decided to award two first place awards.  Our winners are Missy Munrow  and Maria Barletta!  Both of these dolls are just breathtaking!!

Both of these amazing artists each win a year's supply of clay (12 bars of ProSculpt) and free tuition to a 3 day private workshop with yours truly, Apryl Jensen, and we'll spend the days sculpting whatever you two would like!

Maria Barletta.  See more of Maria's photos at her gallery here.

Missy Munrow.  See more of Missy's fairy at her gallery here.

A big congratulations to our next two winners as well!

In second place, we have Ellie Doster, with her unique fairy and fish creation!  See more of Ellie's creation, as well as read her adorable story as well at her gallery page here.

Ellie will win 6 bars of ProSculpt clay and a free DVD selection of her choice (can be multi-set DVDs as well!)

And in third place, we have this lovely little fairy with such a unique setting created by Brenda Stormer! You can see more of Brenda's fairy at her gallery page here.



Brenda is the winner of 3 bars of ProSculpt clay and a free DVD selection of her choice (can be multi-set DVDs as well!)


Would you like to be part of our next contest?  It's easy! 

Pre-Order your Mermaid Contest Kit here!

Summer seems like the perfect time to be thinking about swimming and the beach and ocean's....and of course, MERMAIDS!

This contest will be an ADULT mermaid, so stretch your sculpting skills.  You may sculpt a male or a female, and the female DVDs will feature some new mermaid making videos you have not seen before.  If you prefer a male, we have the merman videos ready for you.  I will teach you a caning technique to give an amazing design to your tail!

This is a great way to get a set of DVDs (or online course), a supply kit, AND be entered into the contest for very low price.  Even if you haven't sculpted before, this is a great way to get your feet wet and it's easily affordable!

I like to always thank those of you who order ahead and let me know how many kits I need to have prepared, so I'm offering this Mermaid Contest kit a week early.  The kit itself will not ship until July 5, but if you get yours now, you can save $10 extra off the low opening price of 59.99. 



Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen