2017 Santa Contest Entries!

Here are our amazing entries for the Santa Contest!  Just want to check that we have all the entries and we'll let you know the winners.

There will be 3 winners.  First place will receive 6 bars of ProSculpt and a complete doll kit (head, hand, feet, body armatures, body stocking, hair and eyes), as well as free attendance at one of our Sculpting Workshops.  Second place will receive 3 bars of ProSculpt and and a $75 Gift Certificate to ArtDolls.com or MakingFairies.com.  Third place will receive one bar of ProSculpt and a $50 Gift Certificate to ArtDolls.com or MakingFairies.com.

Linda Williamson:

Esther Manso:

Kathryn Peters:

Sarah Bardon:

Susan Kauffman:

Sara Burley:

Cindy DeGraw:

Marcella Cameron:

Missy Munrow:

Sherrie Nielson:

Marcia Adams:

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen