It all adds up!

A friend of mine once had me make a digital card for him with a quote of his: Incremental actions lead to monumental results.

You can see it below:


Over the years, I’ve better understood the wisdom of his words. Whether it’s sculpting or writing…or just trying to keep your house clean (please tell me I’m not the only artist who struggles with this!), it really is those little steps that make amazing results.

I had someone look over my work recently and ask if I’d make him a commissioned piece of a train conductor.  Certainly not my typical work.  But he looked at my videos and said he figured this figurine would be pretty easy for me.

And he’s right.  It will be.  But it didn’t start that way.  Standing on this side of the journey, I know all the hours and time and effort I put in to get to this level in my career.  And while I still see plenty of room for improvement, I’m amazed at this process.  And it really did just begin with an incremental step: Picking up the clay.  That, and believing that I could stick with this.

If I could go back to the self I was before I learned to sculpt…I’d be so excited for her.  To think of the day before I saw my first OOAK fairy on eBay, and to know how it changed my life!   

I never knew I had it in me!  And I never would have…unless I picked up that clay.

All those moments you spend sculpting or even just looking at sculptures or figure drawing books…it adds up.  In a big way! 

Even the Sistine Chapel was painted with one tiny paint stroke at a time.  =)

Please be patient with yourself.  Keep following your artistic heart, and see where it takes you.  Those little incremental steps really do lead to amazing results.  And they are so, so worth it!

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen