Mermaid Progression: "Aquamarine"

When I started sculpting, one of the most helpful things for me was to watch progression photos or WIPS (Work in Progress).  It's nice to see the different stages a doll goes through so as you are learning to sculpt, you know it's okay for your doll to look a bit like a bald alien at this point in the process.  =)  

Here are some progression photos of my doll, Aquamarine.  Her tail is made using a technique of clay overlay (taught in Tails & Torsos), but with a simplified fin and less cutting of scales.  (Hey...there gets to be A LOT of scales!  It's nice to learn a "short cut version" isn't it?!)

Here she is.  Can you believe the difference from the first photo to the last?


Do you like the base?  I made it from a sea shell and a rock I covered with Apoxie Sculpt and then painted it with a few washes after covering it with Modeling Paste.  

Art supplies are so fun....(sigh).

See Aquamarine's gallery photos here.

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen