Q & A: Can I really learn to Sculpt?

I get this question a lot.  Along with questions about which project is easiest.  I'm happy to share the answers with you!  =)
If sculpting these fairies something you are very interested in, I'd say definitely. Especially if it is something that calls to you.
I had NO IDEA I could sculpt, and in the beginning, I did not sculpt WELL!  I've made my share of alien-looking fairies and babies, and that part was not as joyful!
I really had no sculpting skills in the beginning and watched videos/taught myself.  I was pretty determined and persistent, and I'm sure that played a part.  But having proper instruction really helps.  I like to think being such a beginner myself turned me into a good teacher because I remember what it was like to not know what I was doing. 
Anyway, the easiest project is SnuggleBabes, then Baby Mermaid or Posable Mini Baby, then Sculpting a Miniature Baby.  For fairies, Sculpting a Young Fairy is less complex than Sculpting a Female Fairy.
Do be patient with yourself and keep seeing yourself as able to do it.  You'd be surprised how much your positive attitude plays a part in the learning process.
Welcome to sculpting!  It's a wonderful way to create!  Pretty soon you may have your own gallery of fantasy figures YOU have created!

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen