SnuggleBabes Q & A


Here are some questions I've received about SnuggleBabes.  I thought posting the answers here could benefit us all.


Hi Apryl!  I rec’d the DVDs yesterday (Baby Snuggles and miniature baby) and I am so excited.  I have a couple of “getting started” questions so I hope you don’t mind my asking a few!

In the Baby Snuggles video you say that the “skulls” are baked and to put the clay “skin” onto the “flat” side.  Do you bake it with the metal and toothpick “neck/body” armature already in place?  I am just starting out with this project and haven’t done any sculpting before so I wonder if there is a book or DVD you would recommend that might go back a step in the process and help me get a better feel for how to work the clay, etc.  Basic techniques, that sort of thing?



Thanks, that's a good idea to write an article on.  I'll do that soon.  What I mean is that yes, I just pop a toothpick into a little ball of clay and then flatten one side of that with my thumb.  This is where the face will eventually go.  I then bake that ball with the toothpick either in the oven for about 15-30 min on 270 or just heat set it with a heat gun.  In either case, let it cool completely.  Then I squish a piece of clay around in my hand for a minute so it is warm and pliable (well-conditioned) and then shape it into a pancake that I press over the "skull" piece.  
I make that skull for two reasons.  One is so I can have a harder surface to press my sculpting clay against.  Otherwise the whole face/head is squishy.  And Second, to ensure the clay is baked through all the way.  Giving the skull a bit more heat/baking gives is a head-start, so to speak, and helps the clay be thoroughly baked.
The best way to get to know the clay is to just dive in.  However, I do have the free ebook at that is full of tips as well.
Welcome to the world of sculpting!  Practice is your best friend, and I'm happy to answer questions as they arise.

Apryl Jensen
Apryl Jensen