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Learn the Secrets to Creating Amazing Fairy Sculptures From Polymer Clay!

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Apryl Jensen

New Sculpting a Female Fairy Set is now available! Visit this page to see her preview video!

New Ball-Jointed Doll Video Set is now available!


If you have wanted to learn to make adorable fairies and dolls from polymer clay, you have found just the resource you need! I LOVE sculpting and I LOVE sharing my techniques with you. and our sister site,, are dedicated to teaching people the joy of creating one of a kind sculptures.

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  • How do they get the skin to look so smooth?
  • What kind of clay should I use?
  • How can I avoid Moonies?
  • How do you make those beautiful wings?


Fairy Tutorials

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young fairy

Sculpting a Young Fairy

Fairy Faces

Fairy Faces & Making "Glass" Eyes

Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll

Simply Beautiful Eyes & Face

Sculpt a Baby Mermaid

Sculpting a Baby Mermaid

mini baby

Sculpt a Miniature Baby

Making Wings Video

Tummy Pose Sculpting Guide PDF Booklet

Hand Video

Sculpting a Posable Mini Baby

Sculpt the Male Head

Sculpting the Male Head

Making Wings Video

Wings Bundle: Basic & Advanced PDFs plus Video

Snuggle Babes


(Great Beginner Project)

Tails n Torsos

Tails & Torsos

Sculpting the Male FairySculpting the Male Fairy


Sculpting a Santa Head

Hand Video

Sculpting Hands, Feet, & Painting the Face


Basic Making Wings

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